Our life is Illusion-Assumptipons9.com

Today, in this world everyone is in hurry and worry ,some are running for the money they want more and more ,because of making their life high standards . And, in this passion they lost their whole life , after doing everything when the end is near then people think that everything was just Waste.

MY ASSUMPTION $ = the apostasy ,religion , truth , lie , honesty ,betray , love , hate everything like is just creation our mind or our elder’s mind creation. Lets go millions year ago when there was nothing on this earth , is there was any any ethical and moral values ? At, that time there was nothing was true ad nothing was false. Then, after long period the life start existing on earth. And , i clear one thing here i consider our elders to the single cellular living thing, means first living thing on earth. After, the birth of this first living being the life standards on earth start developing. And, as the mental abilities of living beings increased they start considering the things that this one is true and this one is false.

At the end, today way of our thinking is just a impression of our elder’s thinking .We are just following the path showed by our elders .These ethical values are just illusions created by elder just to make life smooth. For instance, in the past if they had considered that speaking lie is good thing then we was going to follow this path. The universe is very big it neither love anyone nor hate. Our existence cannot make any effect to it and if we also not going to change its speed. The universe is million time bigger than our thinking even existence our earth does not going to effect anything so, what we are. According to me, religion, truth , lie all are made by us , these all thins are illusion. There is only one god of the universe that is nature we should worship the nature rather than bow down in front of any monument or grave. Feel free, live free do what you thing true, do’nt run behind the fame , money etc these all illusions try to absorb into the nature .A day when you successful in this you will be able to get out through this boring circles created by world. Try to get close to the nature , try to understand it and explore it.

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